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More pics from Bald Head

For some reason. the pics I put up don’t stay in the same order.  If some of the captions seem off it is because they flip flopped themselves after I uploaded them.

Today was a beautiful day on Bald Head Island.  We went to the Shoals Club around 10am and stayed until about 4pm.  We went to the beach while we were there and flew kites.  Mom wouldn’t let us stay in the sun the whole time.  She staked out a couple of umbrellas.  We took our picnic down to the beach at lunchtime.  The umbrella we had on the beach flew out of the sand and hit some teenager in the chest!  It was that windy.


Day Three

Pirate weekend on Bald Head Island!!!

Hey everybody posting pics from the activities today.

We have had fun today.  We are doing a treasure hunt that has been hard!  We’ve gone all over the island looking for signs to tell us where the treasure is.  We got the trivia part done.  Tomorrow we have to do some competitions for extra points for the contest.

Bald Head Island, Day 1