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Thank You

This post is dedicated to all the people who made my summer amazing. Special thanks to Papa for taking me on the neat trip to D.C.  To Abby and Papa for putting up with me and my sometime crazy blood sugars.  To Dad for taking me para sailing and taking me to Jose’s Real Cuban.  To Laura for letting Kenny come down for a week.  To Kenny for coming and seeing what Florida is really like.  To Joy for letting Kevin go to the best beach ever.  To Kevin for swimming all day and gaming all night (even though Mom wouldn’t really let us do that!).  To Vicki and Randy for letting us stay at their awesome house.  To Greg for being Greg.  And to Mom for being the best person ever


Our last day

Today is our last full day on BHI. We have spent the last couple of days at the pool mostly.  We spent two hours cleaning the crabs we caught and Mom made crabcakes for breakfast this morning.  Yum.  Today we are going to spend more time at the pool and I want to fly the big kite we brought.  I think tonight we will watch the turtle nests to see if one will hatch.

More pics from Bald Head

For some reason. the pics I put up don’t stay in the same order.  If some of the captions seem off it is because they flip flopped themselves after I uploaded them.

Today was a beautiful day on Bald Head Island.  We went to the Shoals Club around 10am and stayed until about 4pm.  We went to the beach while we were there and flew kites.  Mom wouldn’t let us stay in the sun the whole time.  She staked out a couple of umbrellas.  We took our picnic down to the beach at lunchtime.  The umbrella we had on the beach flew out of the sand and hit some teenager in the chest!  It was that windy.

Day Three

Pirate weekend on Bald Head Island!!!

Hey everybody posting pics from the activities today.

We have had fun today.  We are doing a treasure hunt that has been hard!  We’ve gone all over the island looking for signs to tell us where the treasure is.  We got the trivia part done.  Tomorrow we have to do some competitions for extra points for the contest.

The Pirates Are Coming

Today is the first day of Pirate Weekend here at Bald Head Island.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  Now we are heading to the lighthouse to watch Blackbeard set up camp.  I’ll post pics this evening.

Bald Head Island, Day 1